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The following pages of pictures are to show off my long time dream come true. Her name is Isis and she is a Flashy Brindle Boxer. The flashy part is because she has white on her. She was born the 1st of February  2010 and she will be becoming a part of my family on March 29th just in time for our 16th wedding anniversary.
Her mother is a white boxer named Zena & her father is a brindle male names Mavrick. She is one of 7 puppies which consisted of 1 solid white male, 1 white male with brown markings,  1 fawn male, 1 fawn female, 1 brindle male & 2 brindle females.
I probably will not get to add pics for a bit but you can bet there will be bunches when she comes home. 
Thanks for stopping by I know you will enjoy the pictures since she is just to cute for words.