3-24-04(9weeks 4days) U/S in the ER cause I was having pain, turns out was just the stretching that can happen when pregnant but it hurt bad. I saw the baby and heartbeat as well as heard it but I didnt get any pics since they dont do that in the ER:( Oh well when April 9th comes I will have some to add here.
3-27-04(10weeks) Heard the heartbeat today with rented dopplar. 173 heart rate.
4-9-04(11weeks 6days) Update: Got U/S today:) Little one was kicking like crazy didnt like to be disturbed at all was all i could do to keep from laughing at the little one bouncing around in there. I got a 5 min. video this time:) And 5 still pics. My placenta is on the front wall so that explains why i am not feeling the little one yet like I did with Alenna. Cause it was sure kicking hard.
4-10-04(12weeks) Felt the baby wiggling 12weeks today.
6-16-04(21weeks 4days) U/S went great. Everything is as it should be. 1pound 3oz.
7-3-04(24weeks or 6months) Feet reaching all the way up to bottom of ribs now loves to stretch. Had some problems with braxton hicks the last few weeks but that seems to have resolved.
7-9-04(24weeks 6days) Feet puffed up on me from riding in truck so long got very bad but went down after i went to sleep.
7-27-04(27weeks 3days) Midwife appt. for 1 hour glucose test. Measuring 28cm so about a week ahead. Heart rate 153 head down back to the left.
8-3-04(28weeks3days)Failed the 1 hour glucose. So in for 3 hour barly passed that 1 out of 4 blood draws came back to high so have to watch sugar intake.
8-17-04(30weeks3days) Appt. measuring 30cm so right on the money. Finger stick from here on out was 76 so all is fine.
8-31-04(32weeks3days)Appt. measuring 33cm little ahead. Finger stick after fasting 96.
9-14-04(34weeks3days)Appt. measuring 35-36cm finger stick 86. Protein in urine high blood pressure 124/100. Blood work sent off with 24 hour urine catch. Came back 294 in urine should have been 150 or less. Blood work not so good either. From here on out every monday NST(nonstresstest) U/S thursday to check placenta and baby.
9-20-2004(35weeks2days)First NST today baby doing great.
9-24-2004(35weeks6days)Ultrasound today Baby looked great approx. weight 6pds 4oz. was doing breathing and moving great. Placenta blood flow normal. Amniotic fluid normal. The 4D ultrasound pictures are below.
9-27-04(36weeks2days)Second NST today baby doing just fine still moving good.
10-1-04(36weeks6days)U/S today baby doing great moving good still has left arm across chest and under chin. Been that way since 21week u/s.
10-4-04(37weeks2days)3rd NST today. Talk to mw about what is gonna happen next.
10-8-04(37weeks6days)U/S today still looking great sucking on arms.
10-12-04(38weeks3days)Midwife appt. Stripped membrains. Good 3cm dilated. Have till the 18th to go on my own or will break water 8-9AM. To risky to let me go farther:( Cervix is very favorable and ready to go.
10-15-04(38weeks6days) Last u/s today baby doing just fine in there.


Xander Dwight Wesley Induction By Having Water Broken

Well I did everything I could think of to go into labor on my own. Just didn’t work tho stupid Pre-Eclampsia. So at 9:30A.M. on October 28th I went to the Birth Center to have my water broke. I was 4cm dilated but still pretty thick. After a few attempts by the first midwife she called in another midwife and she was successful, but it wasn’t a big gush like I was expecting just a very light trickle, even when I raised up but after I walked to the bathroom and sat down out came a gush like Niagra Falls. At this point I wasn’t feeling anything not even braxton hicks. So me and my hubby went to the mall to walk around. We went into the dollar tree just to look around and the girl behind the counter who was prolly around 18 years old asked me when my baby was due. Well I said any time now, you should have seen the look on her face she looked at me as tho the baby was gonna come out right there in front of her ROFLMBO it was all I could do to keep from laughing. I explained to her that I was there walking the baby down. We walked around there till around 11A.M. or so with me making frequent trips to the bathroom to change my pad. during this time I had some back pain but no real contrax.

We decided to leave there and go by Toys R Us. I walked around there I was having some braxton hicks by now but they were the same as I had had off and on thru the whole second and third trimester. We stayed in there for about 30 minutes. And I was starting to get worried cause I wasn’t having any real contrax. I knew there was a possibility that just breaking my water wouldn’t do the job and I would have to go into the hospital for pitocin but I had 24 hours before I needed to worry about that and the midwives had a few things they could try before having to do that.

We decided to go riding around a bit in the car. And at around 11:30A.M. I finally started to feel some real contrax low down just over my pubic bone. The ones I had been waiting to feel. By 12 I was having them every 3-5minutes lasting 30-40seconds. Hubby wanted to go right back to the Birth Center when I started writing them down to keep up with them but they were extremely mild so we just kept driving around. At 1P.M. I got the really big gush of water and it just kept on coming out lucky for me I had a garbage bag over the seat I to catch it and I was wearing black jogging pants so that any water wouldn’t show if it did leak. I was so wet I told hubby to stop at a restarant so that I could change my clothes. When I got out of the car I left a puddle there beside it. I had to cross the street to get to it and they didn’t even have a restroom!!! I was not a happy camper.

Well I didn’t have much choice but to go back to the Birth Center to change. We got there at 1:15P.M. by that time my contrax were starting to show signs of actually progressing. So I decided to stay since hubby was getting nervous anyway. Turns out was a good thing I did since by 1:30P.M. the contrax were definatly stronger as I couldn’t walk around thru them and was doing my deep breathing. By 2P.M. I was moaning thru them and was on my hands and knees in the floor with my chest and arms braced on the birth ball for support. The midwife wanted to check me so I got on the bed and she did a fast exam she said 6cm. But still thick.

After she checked me she asked if I would like to sit in the shower on the birth ball and I totally thought that would be great and it was. It was very relaxing to mover the shower head over my back and tummy between and during the contrax. I sat in there for about a hour till about 3P.M. and I was feeling pressure so the midwife asked for me to get out so she could check me again. Well she said 4-6cm STILL!!!! But I was much more effaced and baby was down more which explained the pressure. I was very much upset by that as the contrax were 3-5min apart and lasting a 60-90seconds and very strong they never got any stronger after this point.

So the midwife asked if I would like to get into the tub and boy did I want to. I had wanted to labor in their big pool but due to money issues I was unable to do this. But the little tub was about as good since I love just vegging out in the bath tub at home is very relaxing to me. She wanted me to do nipple stimulation to try to get the contrax closer together but at 2-5min apart they were plenty close to me. So I sat in there with the midwife and hubby there by me for support. It was great this time to have support all the way thru the labor by the midwife I didn’t have that with my daughter since I had her in the hospital and the dr. only came in 2 times. I sat I nthe tub till around 5P.M. The midwife thought it would be a good idea for me to get out to help the baby come down more. I was really feeling the pressure and a bit of a urge to push. Around this time my mom arrived with my daughter Alenna she had just turned 4, as I wanted her there with me as I labored. She came in while I was still sitting there and asked me if I was getting the baby out it was so sweet. I told her yes and she decided that playing with the birth ball was more fun that staying in there with me so she came in and out as she wanted.

The midwife was right about me getting out of the tub helping cause as soon as I stood up outside the tub I started bearing down with all my might. I stood there at the sink and had 3 very intense pushing contrax. I made it to the bed just as another one hit and the midwife wanted to check me but I pushed her hand away it was just to painfull. I let her check after it was over tho and I was 8cm and totally effaced. When she got done checking I got up on my hands and knees on the bed and used the birth ball under my chest for support. And with each contraction the midwife encouraged me to push with them just let my body tell me what to do.

At this point I was very upset (transition) cause I felt that I was never gonna get the baby out. This was around 5:30P.M. give or take. I was feeling his head putting tons of pressure on me By 5:50P.M. the burn hit I was really taken by surprise by how badly it burned. Since I had a episiotomy with Alenna and had never felt it before. It was very hard for me at first to get on top of that pain but finally I just let my body tell me what to do and pushed thru it. Was actually a relief to push the harder I pushed the less I felt the burn. At 5:59P.M. Xander Dwight Wesley made his appearance. When the midwife said it’s a boy my hubby thought she was kidding since we didn’t know the gender but were hoping it would be a boy. The midwife passed him up between my legs as I was still on my hands and knees and he was already crying and nice and pink. I turned over onto my back and put him to chest to chest with me . The midwife waited until the cord stopped pulsing before she cut it. I layed there on my back till the placenta came out that took about 10min. I then took a peak to make sure he really was a boy no doubts about it he was lol. I only had 2 very small tears what they call skid marks but one of them sure burned when I went pp. Once I got more comfortable I put him to my breast but he wasn’t all that interested he did do a few half hearted sucks tho. Alenna came right in after he was out. And she was thrilled she said he looks just like me and he does lol. Then once I got covered up the grandparents came in to see him. He was 8pds. 4oz. And 21 inches long. A really good size for 5days early.

I got the actual birth on tape thanks to my mom who taped it for me I have watched it twice already and it is the neatest thing I have ever seen.

We left the Birth Center at 1A.M. that night and it was so great to be home in my bed with him next to me in his bassinett and Alenna beside me in the bed.

My Ultrasound Pictures

11Weeks 6Days
9weeks 6days fetal age
11Weeks 6Days
9weeks 6days fetal age
11Weeks 6Days
11Weeks 6Days

How We Chose Our Baby's Name

The names we picked were not to hard but do have meaning. If we get the little boy we were trying for his name will be Xander Dwight Wesley. Xander for a actor that i liked, Dwight for the country music singer and Wesley for hubby's grampa.
If we have anouther little girl her name will be Mackenzie Aleash Tholleema. Mackenzie is Scotish in origin, and is also one of my favorite characters in Star Trek books, Aleash is a shortened version of the American Indian name meaning plays a lot. Tholleema is 4 names mixed together my mom Thelma my great aunt Ollie and my 2 gramma's Lennie and Emma. 

11Weeks 6Days

21weeks 4days

21weeks 4days
19weeks 4days baby age

21weeks 4days
19weeks 4days fetal age

Profile sucking arm 37weeks6days

Baby is sucking arm 37weeks 6days
October 8th

21weeks 4 days

35weeks 6days September 24, 2004
4D and a few 2D ultrasound pictures

Profile 38weeks 6days
october 15

Face 38weeks 6days
october 15